Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

With September comes the wonderful Christmas planning. Well… actually it was in August. But the point is, that every other year we take a trip during the Christmas holiday. It’s a time to just get away, and relax. Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting back and staring at the four walls. And its a great time to play games together and cook, and catch up on reading.

This year we are going back to Pigeon Forge Tennessee. I can’t wait to spend the week in the smoky mountains. And since we already have the cabin rented, I though you would like to see it, and dream with me of December.

cabin 1

cabin 2

cabin 4

cabin 5

cabin 6

cabin 7

cabin 3

Can December get here sooner?? Please? I promise I have been good…


Pictures and Cabin courtesy of Hearthside Cabin Rentals http://www.hearthsidecabinrentals.com/index.html 



I haven’t been a very good blogger this week. I have left you all wondering what happened to me, where I was and when I was going to post something new. I am sorry. It was one of those weeks where my schedule and everything I had to do caught up with me. But I have new things!! And I thought I would share some of my craziness with all of you-

First, the huge stack of books that need to be read…


Needless to say this stack alone is keeping me very busy.

And on top of all of that, there is a ton of curriculum that I have to get ready for this year. As well as a club project- which will involve lots of fabric…

Also on my to do list::







take out trash

Is it going to all get done?? Doubtful!


Everyone says “those who can’t do… teach.”

I hate this saying. Even more now that I have decided to teach. Of course we can do! We just don’t choose to. Instead, we brave few take on the hardest task out there. We become responsible for the education of the next generation. What they will carry into their future relies directly on how good we are at our jobs. And yet many people declare us an incapable of doing anything besides teaching.

Did they ever stop to think, that the reason we are teachers is because we are the best at what we do?


I inflict torture upon myself every day. It is as if I get some sick pleasure out of it. Each day is a new challenge, a new level of pain to be reached.

I have many weapons of torture in my arsenal. Pointy, dangerous weapons. All perfectly good choices when wanting to inflict pain.

See for yourself::

These are perfect- they tend to pinch, and inflict so much pain that you feel as if the balls of your feet have fallen off.

BCBG shoes

But they are cute- oh so cute. And the peep toe is perfect. And when you put them in patent leather who could resist?


I will spare you the torture these inflict- it is not for delicate ears.

Purple Pump

I have them in a deep purple. I bought them for a friends wedding, and they are gorgeous. I tromped through a pasture in these things…

These are a vicious pair… one wrong move and you feel as if you have no more toes…

Gianni Bini

But they come in this great burnt orange color, that is perfect with fall browns and yellows. And I got them on sale!

So yes, every morning my feet kick and scream. They beg me to put on the flats- or the sandals, anything but the 3 inch heels. And I ignore them and slide on these beautiful shoes. Guaranteed to cause pain… but it’s worth it.

A Quiet Place

Spring Break 2007 005

A moment with an old friend, several years ago.

Today I had a break and to occupy my time I went to a chapel on campus to read. Few people venture into this chapel, so you never have to worry about being interrupted.

When I opened the doors, beautiful music came flooding out. It was like a warm blanket, it just wrapped itself around me.

At the front of the chapel, there was a young gentleman at the piano. I have always had a love for this particular instrument, and I even have a favorite pianist. It has been over a year since I have heard the piano live, and I must say that it was quite a blessing.

I felt honored to be able to listen to such a beautiful musician, during a time dedicated to quiet reflection rather than practice. It was beautiful and moving music, warm and enveloping. A perfect salve for the soul.


Spring Break 2007 017

This past Sunday was my grandmother’s birthday and I have been thinking about her ever since.

Over the past few years Alzheimer’s has taken a great deal of her away from us. While these pieces of her seem to be lost at times- I find myself realizing that these pieces are still here, just in a different way.

I find her when I am sewing; and crocheting. I remember all the moments when we sat together working on projects together and she comes back.

These of course are moments when I know I will remember her. There are also times when she sneaks up on me-

Like when I am fidgeting with my hands because I am nervous. Or when I throw a bag of Reese’s in the fridge. Even the smell of library books, and the way I curl up in a chair.

In these moments memories of long lost summers flood my mind. Times when I would spend a week with her, just the two of us. Our trips to the church library, and the promise that there would always be a drawer of cold candy in the fridge.

So while she is no longer the person I remember, I do  still have these pieces of her in me. And they will last me a lifetime.