NOT Amusing…

At work I deal with 12 year olds all the time. Usually, by the end of the day I can laugh about all the crazy things they did. However, I don’t want to go home to a bunch of 12 year olds. I want to be able to relax, and have some peace and quite.

Living in an apartment complex does not afford this luxury apparently.

The past few nights, from about 10pm till 3am, there has been a group of guys- in their twenties- that have momentarilly lost their minds. They have developed a game, of seeing who’s loud truck can set off the car alarms the fastest. And when the alarm does go off- as it inevitably will- there must be hoops and hollers of celebration.

While after 30 minutes any normal person would be bored at this game, these boys just keep getting the thrills. And my blood pressure spikes uncontrollably. So until I can move away from the apartment lifestyle- I will be dreaming of wide open spaces with no people around me for miles.


The Southern Belle


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