Today is a pretty important day. And not because its the only time we will have the date 09.09.09, and not because it means we are getting close to fall, but because today is the birthday of a pretty important man. You see… in my world this man hung the moon. He always seems to know when I really need him. He is a protector, friend, confidant, and supporter. He is always there, especially when things are really bad- he is even the guy that will cry with you when things get to be too much to handle. And if it is possible- he is more upset and heartbroken than you yourself.

He is the one who will watch Harry Potter movies with you when no one else will- and he will actually be interested.

So on this day, its not about the memorable 09.09.09- its about my dad. The one who is always there for me, and who supports me through it all.

Thank you dad- for everything you have given me, for your support, and your unwavering love even in times when I didn’t deserve any of it.

Happy Birthday.



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