A little over a year ago I took a trip up to New York to see a good friend of mine. He had moved there for graduate school, and wanted me to come visit. After several urgings from him to buy the plane tickets, I was on my way to New York in July. It was a good choice on my part- at home it was the hottest week of the summer. Topping 100 degrees everyday. I, however, was carting around a light jacket because it was in the low 60’s in the mornings.

Needless to say people were jealous…

We went to the Green Lakes State Park::

New york 035

We went to Lake Ontario::

New york 020

We hiked to the cliffs::

New york 083

New york 073

We drove through the Adirondack Mountains::

New york 016

New york 046

New york 059

Overall it was an amazing trip. And this summer while I was in the very hot and humid Mississippi, I was dreaming of going back.

I mention all of this to tell you- that a few days ago the aforementioned friend called to tell me about this concert he is involved in at the first of October.

He is a pianist, and he knows how much I adore his work. So this phone call is a cruel thing to do…

But oh how he knows I will love it. He is getting to play all of my favorites!

So now I am dreaming again of New York- and getting away from the very hot central Texas.


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