The Start of an Obsession

I have something else to confess. I have been crippled by an obsession for as long as I can remember. It, sadly, has taken over my life- not only stealing all my free time, but my money as well. I no longer can live a healthy life.

You see, years ago as a little girl, I sat watching Beauty and the Beast for the first time.

There is a point when the Beast begins to fall for Belle, he begins being nice to her- and wants her to be happy. So, in an effort to please her he takes her to a secret room in the castle.

Beauty and the Beast Library

And this is where the obsession began. As I sat watching Beauty and the Beast as a little girl I was in awe of his library. And I wanted one of my own…

I began buying books- big books, small books, thin books, thick books. Books about people, books about animals, books about places. Fiction, non-fiction, biographies, history, war, poetry…

I have slowly been building my book collection.

But I need a place to house them…

library 1

library 2

library 3

Any library will do- as long as it has tons of shelves. I’m not picky.

I just need a good home for all my books.


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