I believe I mentioned that my parents were coming out to Texas to see me a couple of weeks ago. Well my dad had a special treat for me when he got here. You see his job takes him to Brazil, and oh the wonderful things he gets to see. So when he came out here, he brought with him some photos that the guys he works with took. And seeing as they are so beautiful, I thought you all might like to enjoy them.

Go ahead and start booking your tickets to Brazil- because when you get through with these photos you are going to want to go.

I also have to mention that these photos have gone through minimal editing. I had to crop them down and sharpen them up a bit, but other than that I didn’t touch them.




This one takes my breath away…


Haunting photo in my opinion. How would you like to work out here?? I think the views are worth it.


Remember, I said I didn’t do any major touch ups- which means this amazing color is completely real- no tinting was added…


I don’t know about you, but Brazil is a beautiful place, where God seems to experiment with watercolors everyday.

Thanks to the guys from DM who took these photos and shared them.

And because it was a group of guys taking photos, I was blessed to have this fella’s picture taken… numerous times…



Do not ask me what this thing is. I have no clue. And I doubt the fellas following it around know either.


2 thoughts on “Brazil

    • Yeah… I am working on that. I have some ideas floating around and I am filing away some photos. I think I want the blue one in the bathroom.

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