Spring Break 2007 017

This past Sunday was my grandmother’s birthday and I have been thinking about her ever since.

Over the past few years Alzheimer’s has taken a great deal of her away from us. While these pieces of her seem to be lost at times- I find myself realizing that these pieces are still here, just in a different way.

I find her when I am sewing; and crocheting. I remember all the moments when we sat together working on projects together and she comes back.

These of course are moments when I know I will remember her. There are also times when she sneaks up on me-

Like when I am fidgeting with my hands because I am nervous. Or when I throw a bag of Reese’s in the fridge. Even the smell of library books, and the way I curl up in a chair.

In these moments memories of long lost summers flood my mind. Times when I would spend a week with her, just the two of us. Our trips to the church library, and the promise that there would always be a drawer of cold candy in the fridge.

So while she is no longer the person I remember, I do  still have these pieces of her in me. And they will last me a lifetime.


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