I inflict torture upon myself every day. It is as if I get some sick pleasure out of it. Each day is a new challenge, a new level of pain to be reached.

I have many weapons of torture in my arsenal. Pointy, dangerous weapons. All perfectly good choices when wanting to inflict pain.

See for yourself::

These are perfect- they tend to pinch, and inflict so much pain that you feel as if the balls of your feet have fallen off.

BCBG shoes

But they are cute- oh so cute. And the peep toe is perfect. And when you put them in patent leather who could resist?


I will spare you the torture these inflict- it is not for delicate ears.

Purple Pump

I have them in a deep purple. I bought them for a friends wedding, and they are gorgeous. I tromped through a pasture in these things…

These are a vicious pair… one wrong move and you feel as if you have no more toes…

Gianni Bini

But they come in this great burnt orange color, that is perfect with fall browns and yellows. And I got them on sale!

So yes, every morning my feet kick and scream. They beg me to put on the flats- or the sandals, anything but the 3 inch heels. And I ignore them and slide on these beautiful shoes. Guaranteed to cause pain… but it’s worth it.


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