Wedding Bells

This coming summer I will be the Maid of Honor in my best friends wedding. And I can’t wait! So much has to be done between now and June, one thing being my dress! The bride has hers, and the colors have been decided- so now I have to figure out which dress I am going to wear.

I have a few criteria- the dress needs straps. I am going to be busy and certainly don’t want to be hiking my dress up all day. The dress also has to be cool. Temperature is what I am talking about here… A wedding in southern Mississippi, in June… JUNE. It is going to be HOT. So I need a dress that will breathe.

Here are some of the options- your opinion is more than welcome!

#1 One of my favorites so far. But I am not sure where I will work in the accessory color blue.

Bridesmaid Dress 1

#2 Not sure about the knot in the front…

Bridesmaid Dress 2

#3 Somewhat plain… but would work.

Bridesmaid Dress 3

#4 Straps look funny- but it could just be the picture.

Bridesmaid Dress 4

#5 Really love this one- but it is strapless. I would have to try it and see…

Bridesmaid Dress 5

#6 I love this one, but again, I am not sure where I would put the blue.

Bridesmaid Dress 6

#7 This is an option as well.

Bridesmaid Dress 7


So what do you think? Because I can’t decide.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Bells

  1. #1 you could do the pin or a sash with it.

    #2 is what Jen wore in a wedding she was recently in and it’s a totally rocking dress I thought.

    #3 you could dress up with a peek-a-boo skirt or one of the sashes.

    Sadly I think #4 and #5 are claimed but I need to verify with the two ladies before the final word is given.

    #6 would be the pin or one of the sashes but that would cover up the detailing on the waist sadly.

    But above all, try on everything. Emily chose hers on the 1st try but Jen tried on everyone available in the store before she decided. You never know what is really going to look good on you. And I wouldn’t be concerned about the temperature—we’ll be inside the entire time and all the dresses will be short so it’s not really an issue—just pick something that looks awesome on you.

  2. If you want to totally have fun and forget about your self at the wedding, choose number 1. It will stay put and allow freedom of movement. Number 5 and 6 are very pretty too. You could add spaghetti straps to the strapless one. Oh well, what do I know.

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