My Christmas List

Since it is October, and I am already dreaming of spending my Christmas in a cabin way up in the mountains, I might as well start my Christmas list.

Here are just a few things I hope will find their way to me.

Wooden Spoons::

Chef's Catalog Wooden Spoons

Chef’s Catalog


Measuring Cups::

Anthropologie Measuring Cups




Overstock Red Colander



Dressmaker Shears::

Walmart Dressmaker Shears



Anna Karenina

Leo Tolstoy

BooksAMillion Anna Karenina

Books A Million


The Pioneer Woman Cooks::

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Books A Million


Then there’s always room for gift cards- Starbucks and the local fabric store, Kelley’s Pins and Needles are always needed.


What is on your list?


One thought on “My Christmas List

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