Ode to Orange

Orange is such a beautiful color. While probably not my favorite, that would be red, it is a close second. And while I am not its fervent admirer, I do know who is. So today, in honor of someone who loves orange I thought we could look at all the fun things in orange.

Don’t these look delicious?

orange 1

Who doesn’t love crayons?


I love the purple flowers in the background.

monarch butterfly

Beautiful shot.


And then there is this critter… I have no idea what he is- except colorful. He has that part down…

orange bug

Hope you enjoyed the tour of orange! Bear with me, this week is busy busy! Tomorrow it will all be over though and I should have more posts!

I take no credit for these photos. I can not cut an orange so perfectly, nor do I ever get that close to a bug.


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