The Breaking Point

Everyone has one. Some can last longer than others, some blow up quickly. Many let it simmer for a long long time. After weeks of dealing with an issue at my apartment complex, I am reaching the breaking point. Yesterday a good friend summed up how I reach the breaking point.

First, I am mad. Not too mad, but people can see I am not satisfied. Then it builds, and builds, and builds. Then… I get calm and quiet. Following this there is the ‘bing’ moment. You know the sound when someone smiles big and white? The little ‘bing’? Well that is what happens next, I smile, real big and sweet. It’s my ‘bing’ moment. Following this is the snap.

It is that unassuming calm and quiet that fools people. They think I have conceded… But I haven’t. In truth, I have simply come up with the solution, and it usually involves me taking care of things myself.

Anyways, with this situation, I am quickly approaching the ‘bing’ moment. Obviously not a good thing.

As of today, it appears to be working itself out. That was not the case for the past two days.

We shall see.

Watching and Waiting,

The Southern Belle


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