If you live anywhere in the south, then you will understand this post more than most. For the past few weeks it seems that all it has done here is rain! And if it is not raining then it is cloudy with a chance of rain.


I did not sign up for this. I did not decide to move to Seattle, I choose Texas, and part of that was because I couldn’t stand the constant rain.

Not that I wouldn’t love Seattle. Gorgeous skyline, close to the water, cooler temperatures… All good things.

seattle 2

But I couldn’t do the rain.

We have now been soaked to the bone for weeks, and more just keeps coming. Last night we had another front move in and out this morning. As the day passed slowly we began to see blue skies again, and it came with a nice cool breeze!! So at least for the moment we can sit back and enjoy the weather- just not on the ground or bench- it’s still too wet for that.


Pictures from various online sources.


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