Still Here

I am still here. Things around here seem to have spiraled out of control, and I am trying to get a hold of things again.  The list of things I am juggling at one time just continually seems to grow. About the time I think I have them all going, everything fine, all the sudden here comes something else. I wrote my sister an email earlier today (during a brief break at work) and I don’t think I can come up with a better comparison, so here is what I told her::

I won’t even begin to list the things I am drowning in right now. Lets just say my grand idea to take 19 hours and work 20 a week is catching up with me… okay… let’s be honest, it has run me over like a mack truck.

I must say, it is still appropriate. However, I am not going to excuse all of you wonderful people from the massive list of things to be done- here it goes…

  1. Draft on King Arthur (3-4 pages)
  2. Capstone Paper (15-20 pages)
  3. African Politics Paper (15-20 pages)
  4. British History Paper (15-20 pages)
  5. African Culture Movie & paper
  6. Capstone Movie & paper
  7. Middle East Movie & paper
  8. Presentation of Seneca Falls Convention
  9. Biography Reading (532 pages)
  10. Lamotte Reading (272 pages)
  11. Language Lab work
  12. Language exam

 And the goal is to have all of it done by Thanksgiving… I know, I am dreaming. Because I work as well- 20 hours a week. It will never get done, but it is nice to try. Right?

I have lost my mind haven’t I?

Please take this plethora of information and understand that I won’t be around much over the next week… it will be similar to the past few weeks… and I will spare you the list of things that got accomplished during that time.

A small nugget of information for all of you music lovers out there- go buy the new ‘OneRepublic’ CD. You need it. Trust Me.

Hoping your life is simpler than mine,

The Southern Belle


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