Turn in the Tides

Yesterday started off as a normal day, but very quickly turned into a day off for me to run errands. This was a very good thing. I did a little grocery shopping, did paperwork for work, and had maintenance come by and do some work on my apartment. There was one thing that still needed to be done.

During Christmas my tire pressure light came on in my car. Well with the “arctic blast” that moved through; more like stayed; I assumed that the frigid temps were the cause of the low tire pressure. They had warned me this could happen. Before traveling back to Texas I made sure they were okay and hit the road.

Once back in town, the tire light came on and remained on. Soon the temps came back up, and the light still remained on.

Now, I haven’t told this to you before, but I absolutely despise taking my car to the dealer to have it serviced. Usually, it is assumed by all there, that because I am a woman I have no understanding of the issues I am experiencing with my car. This, as I am sure you can all imagine, drives me crazy. They can also be crude as well.

This time I knew that the car must be fixed, and sadly, my dad was far away and unable to take my car for me. I broke down and drove over to the Toyota dealership. And was immediately impressed by the amazing service I received.

The whole experience was drastically different from any I have had before, and will make it easier for me to go in the future.

So by the end of the day I had accomplished a great deal and I must say I feel pretty good about it all!

Do you have any good dealership stories?


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