Shouting From the Roof Tops

I have previously mentioned here and there, that I am trying to get into graduate school. It is a long and drawn out process, that I am sure some of you already know about. But I am going to give you some background on how my attempts have gone.

The program I applied for requires both acceptance into the graduate school, as well as acceptance into their program. You have to have a certain GPA, and GRE scores. On top of that 3 recommendation letters and a stellar personal statement. (Especially if your Spanish classes hate you as much as mine do.)

And just when you think everything is done, it is time for interviews. A whole day dedicated to orientation and interviews. And just because it is more painful- the interviews are at the end of the day.

Then the long process of waiting begins.




Until the day comes when you get a letter in the mail from the graduate school.

You begin to freak out-

It is a small envelope?! What does that mean!?

It means that the movies are wrong boys and girls! Small envelopes do not just hold rejection letters!

They also hold the ACCEPTANCE letters!

So, celebrate, because this southern gal is going to graduate school!

From Cloud Nine,

The Southern Belle


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