Hydroplaning Home

First, is hydroplaning a word?? Ah, you get my point. On to the important stuff.

Well, it is raining again here in central Texas. And after being here for 4 years many would be use to the horrible flooding that occurs after a mere quarter inch of rain. However, this is certainly not the case for me. I have dealt with rain my whole life. Being from the deep south I have grown accustom to the downpours, hurricanes and just about anything else you can throw at me.

However, I am of the opinion that good drainage is crucial, and easy to come by. This is not the viewpoint of Texans- at least in my corner of Texas. (If you are Texan and reading this: sorry, I just tell the truth.)

Back to the subject at hand. Things began to get wet around here yesterday, and has only become worse. I didn’t even try to avoid the puddles today. It really didn’t matter since all I was really doing was swimming through a lake trying to get from building to building. And things just get worse on the roads. So much so that I am pretty sure I hydroplane for about 2 miles straight.

Well I made it home, feet cold and soaked. And will not be leaving again tonight. So now I am going to go, take off the wet shoes, and try to warm my toes!

I take no credit for the above photos, they have been found online and have simply struck me as beautiful.


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