In My Corner of the World…

It is raining, or sleeting, or snowing… oh who knows anymore.

Yesterday listening to the radio the weather report called for “some rain, mixed with snow and some sleet.” I am not sure about you but it sounds to me like they don’t really know what is going to happen.

Well, for the most part we have received rain. However, as it gets later, it gets colder and we are seeing rapidly deteriorating weather. No longer is rain falling, but a slushy mix that will soon turn to ice is gliding to the earth.

As I have mentioned before, here in central Texas, drainage is non-existent. So I am positive that the worse part of the weather will greet us in the morning, when the roads are dangerously iced over. I can only hope that since the weather report is calling for the temperature to be no higher than 35 degrees, that they will cancel school.

Hoping you all are not trapped by some watery element,

The Southern Belle


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