I have these neighbors… and they make a great deal of noise. All. The. Time.

Frankly, I don’t quite understand how they make as much noise as they do. They must be kicking the wall or something.

The point is, that I have not had a restful night’s sleep for months. They literally talk till 2am… So I started looking for something to drown them out. And I found this:

Turns out there are many versions of ‘white’ noise. In fact there is white, blue, pink, gray, purple and brown noise.

While I find the ‘white’ noise a little harsh- the brown noise is much softer.

It immediately drowns out the noise around me. It was blissful. I will admit that the first few nights I didn’t sleep much better than normal. However, last night… I didn’t move once. It was perfect deep sleep. And this morning I had to pry myself up off the mattress.


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