I Should Have Just Gone Back to Bed

So I knew that today was going to be busy, hectic, and stressful. However, I didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was.

This morning the alarm went off and suddenly dread over the day was overwhelming. But there was too much to do to go back to bed. So I got up and headed out to class.

Truthfully, I should have crawled back under the covers and let the day pass me by.

Over the past few days I have been preparing for a major exam I had today. I felt relatively good about it.

I get to class, keep reviewing a few last-minute things, until the professor comes in. Now, he was 5 minutes late, but sometimes things come up, so I understand.

But he started asking us about homework. And took attendance. And didn’t have any paperwork with him.

Students: “We didn’t have homework due to the exam.”

Prof: “yes, yes. Well continue to review while I run to get the copies of the test.”

We proceed to study, and patiently wait for him to run to his office (which is not far away).

Thirty minutes pass, and he finally comes back, gives us an exam that is nothing like what we previously discussed; even missing parts that he later wrote on the board!

Then once a student asked, he told us that we wouldn’t need an additional fifteen minutes to make up for the time we missed.

Obviously he was not prepared when class started and we were definitely the ones to suffer. No one did very well, and I am hoping that he addresses these issues during our next class.

Now I am going to bury my head under the covers and forget about this day.

Hoping your day was better than mine,

The Southern Belle


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