Remember in the movie You’ve Got Mail, when Kathleen Kelly is sick and Joe Fox brings over flowers? And she has all these kleenex scattered about the apartment?

Well that is exactly what I feel like right now. I have kleenex scattered across the apartment, and just feel crummy…

Sneezing and sniffling into the weekend,

The Southern Belle


Get Ready!

That is all I have to say! Tonight Kim (BFF) is coming into town! She has been in Texas visiting with her hubby to be, and since she is so close, she is coming up to see where I live.

It has been strange to think about, but besides my parents and brother, Kim will be the only other person from home to see my new town, home, and life. Waco is where I spend 90% of my time, and no one at home has been here.

I of course understand that this is part of the curse that comes with moving so far away from home. For many years now I have felt as though I am leading two different lives. My Texas life of school, and work; and then my Mississippi life of old friends and memories.  The last time the two lives collided was a few semesters ago when my roommate for the majority of my time in Texas came with me to Mississippi. Needless to say she got a healthy dose of southern hospitality; and I am not sure she has been the same since… And it might not be a good thing…

Back to the issue at hand. Kim is coming to Waco and I could not be happier. As I have been getting ready this week (cleaning the house, washing clothes etc… shh don’t tell Kim); I have realized that it is the perfect time for her to visit. The weather is perfect, with days in the high sixties and winds blowing, plenty of sunshine, and green everywhere with blooms beginning to bud.

There have been so many things that made me fall in love with Waco and Baylor, and I can’t wait to share it with my best friend!

Hopefully there will be many fun adventures to talk about!

Check out Kim’s story at::

Secrets and Surprises

So several months ago Kim, my best friend, approached me about a quilt for her hubby to be. You see, he is a chemical engineer, and she wanted something for his wedding gift that he would love for many years to come.

With this, “The Periodic Table” quilt was born. After research and conversations Kim and I decided to take this:

And turn it into this:

Now, I have already mentioned that the wedding isn’t until June. So Andrew got his quilt a little early. (Kim can’t keep a secret; I guess it is a good thing I can.) As you can imagine, Andrew absolutely loved the quilt, and to prove it to you:

Obviously he loved his surprise… But I must admit, I was sorry to give it away. I easily could have kept it myself. And while Kim requested a quilt for them to both snuggle under while watching a movie, she also got a quilt that will double as a full size quilt too!

Once Andrew had looked at the quilt for a minute, he then decided he needed to tell me and Kim what each section was. Trust me, this was something I already knew…

“These are transition metals…”

“These are non-metals…”

Luckily he stopped there- and thanked his wife-to-be.

Andrew- hope you are enjoying the quilt!

Thanks to Emily for the full picture of the quilt. I was never able to get one!

Wedding Shower Festivities!

So this past weekend I was visiting my best friend, and throwing her first wedding shower! There was plenty of food and fun, as well as a surprise. The surprise I will talk about later, for now- the shower!

Let’s start things off by introducing you to the cute couple.

Bloggers, meet Andrew and Kim.

Kim with Emily…

Kim with Jessica…

Then you have several of the guys who showed up for the fun…

Ryan, Ben and Clint.

It is important to mention here that we are a non-alcoholic group. So the drinks you see- root beer.

In addition to visiting with a great group of people, there were gifts, and several good moments…

The couple had registered for a pizza stone, however, the wonderful couple who bought it for them decided to do one better, and get Kim and Andrew the stone with handles. Needless to say, Andrew was ecstatic!

Andrew was also blown away by the jumbo muffin pan…

I don’t know what this conversation was about, but I definitely want to know.

And finally to wrap this post up, I leave you with this…


I have neglected you over the past week and a half. I’m sorry. There has been a great deal going on here, and not much of it I can talk about, and most of it not that interesting to begin with. However, today was a turning point in things. I travelled up to see my best friend and to host her wedding shower which takes place tomorrow! So be prepared for a fun post later on that. Plus some surprises too!

On another note, I got my graduation gift today!

I am now the very proud owner of a Nikon D90… And I must thank my wonderful parents profusely. I am beyond grateful, and am forever in awe of their generosity. Especially to a daughter who fails to deserve such a wonderful gift on  a daily basis. Thank you.

Signing off,

The Southern Belle