Wedding Shower Festivities!

So this past weekend I was visiting my best friend, and throwing her first wedding shower! There was plenty of food and fun, as well as a surprise. The surprise I will talk about later, for now- the shower!

Let’s start things off by introducing you to the cute couple.

Bloggers, meet Andrew and Kim.

Kim with Emily…

Kim with Jessica…

Then you have several of the guys who showed up for the fun…

Ryan, Ben and Clint.

It is important to mention here that we are a non-alcoholic group. So the drinks you see- root beer.

In addition to visiting with a great group of people, there were gifts, and several good moments…

The couple had registered for a pizza stone, however, the wonderful couple who bought it for them decided to do one better, and get Kim and Andrew the stone with handles. Needless to say, Andrew was ecstatic!

Andrew was also blown away by the jumbo muffin pan…

I don’t know what this conversation was about, but I definitely want to know.

And finally to wrap this post up, I leave you with this…


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