Secrets and Surprises

So several months ago Kim, my best friend, approached me about a quilt for her hubby to be. You see, he is a chemical engineer, and she wanted something for his wedding gift that he would love for many years to come.

With this, “The Periodic Table” quilt was born. After research and conversations Kim and I decided to take this:

And turn it into this:

Now, I have already mentioned that the wedding isn’t until June. So Andrew got his quilt a little early. (Kim can’t keep a secret; I guess it is a good thing I can.) As you can imagine, Andrew absolutely loved the quilt, and to prove it to you:

Obviously he loved his surprise… But I must admit, I was sorry to give it away. I easily could have kept it myself. And while Kim requested a quilt for them to both snuggle under while watching a movie, she also got a quilt that will double as a full size quilt too!

Once Andrew had looked at the quilt for a minute, he then decided he needed to tell me and Kim what each section was. Trust me, this was something I already knew…

“These are transition metals…”

“These are non-metals…”

Luckily he stopped there- and thanked his wife-to-be.

Andrew- hope you are enjoying the quilt!

Thanks to Emily for the full picture of the quilt. I was never able to get one!


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