It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I began to appreciate the color purple. Today I wanted to honor the person who reminded me what a beautiful color it was.

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Music Monday: Michael Buble

To kick of Music Monday’s I thought I would focus on one of my absolute favorites. Michel Buble’s music is made up of originals as well as covers, mostly of the swing band variety.

His most recent album is Crazy Love:

The album is made up of covers, which I have listed below…

Cry Me A River
All Of Me
Georgia On My Mind
Crazy Love
Haven’t Met You Yet
All I Do Is Dream Of You
Hold On
Heartache Tonight
You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes)
At This Moment
Whatever It Takes (bonus track)

I think my favorite track on this CD is Georgia on my Mind.

However, my favorite album has to be It’s Time.

 Feeling Good
 A Foggy Day (In London Town)
 You Don’t Know Me
 Quando, Quando, Quando
 Home Michael Bublé0.99
 Can’t Buy Me Love
 The More I See You
 Save The Last Dance For Me
 Try A Little Tenderness
 How Sweet It Is
 Song For You (Featuring Chris Botti)
 I’ve Got You Under My Skin
 You And I

If you have seen the movie A Wedding Date with Debra Messing and Dermont Mulroney then you have heard Buble’s songs Home and Save the Last Dance for Me.

But for those of you wanting even more, Special Delivery is a limited album, available on iTunes and Amazon.

These Foolish Things
Softly As I Leave You
Dream a Little Dream of Me
I’m Beginning to See the Light
Mack the Knife
Orange Colored Sky

I must say, my favorite track is Mack the Knife. Now go check out the rest of his music!

Music Mondays

Starting tomorrow I thought I would start something new her at Southern Belle Style. Since I love music, and love sharing it with people even more, I have decided to showcase one of my favorite artists here each Monday. This will be posted on the homepage, and you can go to the lyrics page for more information on individual songs that may have been mentioned. And as always you can just message me if you can’t find something about the artist! Below are a few snapshots of the artists- can you figure out who will be showcased based on their photo??

Any clue? Well over the next few months each will be featured, so make sure to visit on Mondays!

For the Music Fan…

Today a friend of mine (Agnes of Rome, but we will just call her Agnes) showed me something special on Amazon.

Under music, you can go to mp3 downloads, and download music to your computer just like iTunes. And the best part, is that with the Amazon mp3 downloader, the music is downloaded and directly put into your iTunes library!

And if that were not enough- they have almost 2,000 free songs, and they have some full albums for under 5 dollars. So if you like music, go check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Agnes of Rome::http://interiorintimomeo.wordpress.com/


There were 126 personnel on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig Wednesday night when an explosion turned the rig into a fireball. Since then there have been many numbers. 7 critically wounded, 115 accounted for, 94 okay, and 11. The most important number being 11. It represents the number missing.

I have mentioned before that my dad works in the oil business, and spends many days on a rig very similar to the Deepwater Horizon. And it was not too long ago that he was in the Gulf. Over time many of the men trade in and out of companies, as well as on and off different oil rigs. People move and shift, but many keep in touch.

It was no surprise this morning when I called my dad about the accident, that there were men attached to the Horizon that he knew. There is a distinct moment when your stomach rolls in instances like this. Moments when reality hits far too close to home. These rigs are built with safety in mind. The men go through extensive training on a routine basis to keep them prepared. But accidents happen. In an instance the whole world can be turned upside down, and leave you feeling breathless.

I consider myself infinitely blessed that it is not my family experiencing this tragic accident first hand. And while there are ties that bind us to the events yesterday, we are far removed in comparison. It is my sincere prayer that the 11 reported missing are found and doing well, and that God will cradle them and their families in the protective palm of His hand.

My request from you today; keep these men and their families on your mind and hearts. Pray for their safety, and their rescue. As night descends on the gulf, the search has been halted for the night. But the rig still burns, and the 11 remain.

23 Days and Counting

I will take my very last final of undergrad in 23 days. At that point (God willing) I will have completed my undergraduate career and will soon be moving on to graduate work! It is a surreal feeling lately, and plan on things getting a little sappy around here, because it just doesn’t seem like these four years should be over.

I have two more weeks of class, then about a week and a half of finals to prepare for, as well as graduation events coming up. This Monday the seniors of my honors program will be honored, and we will get our honors yearbook, as well as our cords. I am looking forward to seeing everyone one last time. We will all be graduating with our specialized programs so this will be the final chance to enjoy each other’s company. In addition to the friends that will be there, many of our professors will also be in attendance to celebrate with us. I imagine it will be somewhat of an emotional night.

Last night I went out with a good friend of mine and finally got the chance to catch up. She is in the middle of job applications and interviews, and ‘real life’ is making an appearance. The past few weekends have been great, only because graduation has made all of us more aware of the final few moments we have together and we all seem to be going out and catching up.

Since I am being sentimental, and I want all of you to be sentimental with me, I thought I would share my playlist for the next few weeks with you. I haven’t included some of the more typical songs (vitamin c) and instead stuck with the ones that mean the most to me for this time in my life. If you have something you think I should add- I love recommendations so let me know!

Good Life:: One Republic
Find Your Wings:: Mark Harris
Break Me Out 2.0:: The Rescues
Life is Beautiful:: Vega4
In This Life:: Delta Goodrem
Pictures of You:: The Last Goodnight
On Top of the World:: Boys Like Girls
Defying Gravity:: Kristin Chenoweth
Best Days:: Graham Colton
I Got A Feeling:: The Black Eyed Peas
Hello To Goodbye:: Mark Harris
Life’s A Dance:: John Michael Montgomery
Live Like Your Dying:: Lenka
Breakaway:: Kelly Clarkson
Better Days:: Goo Goo Dolls

Beginning a New Chapter

It is busy over here lately. The year is wrapping up and as always there always seems to be more to do at the end of the semester than at the beginning. I swear the professors pile on as much work as possible just to see if we will break under the pressure.

My supplies to make my graduation announcements came in the mail today, and it hit me just how close I am to finishing my undergraduate career.

It seems like yesterday that my parents were driving me out to Baylor, helping me move into my dorm. Mom driving me crazy, because she knew it was exactly what I needed so that I could say goodbye to them at the end of the day, and dad unexpectedly choking up as my mom pushed him out of the room.

Since then there have been ups and downs, friends have come and gone, but never once have I questioned my choice in coming to Baylor. So many people thought I was just a little crazy by going off to school so far from home, but it is the best choice I have ever made.

Now that these four years are ending, and I look back, I see how much I have changed and I know that I could have never gone anywhere else. I am lucky to call Baylor home for yet another year. But graduate school here will be quite different from undergraduate work. I will be on campus far less, and I hope that in the end this will be a transition year for me, making it easier next summer when I really have to say goodbye to Baylor.

While these past few weeks have been very hectic, and the next two will be even worse, I have found myself enjoying moments with friends, going out just a few more times, and relishing the last hours spent walking the halls of the history department and having conversations with professors.

Baylor will be a different place for me next year. I will be working within a completely different department, and all but a select few of my friends will be moving here and there starting the next chapter in their own lives. I won’t be running into those beloved professors who challenge me daily, and cause me to examine my beliefs. However, I am excited about this new chapter. Monday I signed the lease on my new apartment and I have high hopes that it will be a great experience. And I am ready to begin my master’s program and delve into a whole new area.

Now it is time to address the announcements, finish a pile of papers, read a few more books, go to a couple more classes, take finals, and then proudly display my degree!