23 Days and Counting

I will take my very last final of undergrad in 23 days. At that point (God willing) I will have completed my undergraduate career and will soon be moving on to graduate work! It is a surreal feeling lately, and plan on things getting a little sappy around here, because it just doesn’t seem like these four years should be over.

I have two more weeks of class, then about a week and a half of finals to prepare for, as well as graduation events coming up. This Monday the seniors of my honors program will be honored, and we will get our honors yearbook, as well as our cords. I am looking forward to seeing everyone one last time. We will all be graduating with our specialized programs so this will be the final chance to enjoy each other’s company. In addition to the friends that will be there, many of our professors will also be in attendance to celebrate with us. I imagine it will be somewhat of an emotional night.

Last night I went out with a good friend of mine and finally got the chance to catch up. She is in the middle of job applications and interviews, and ‘real life’ is making an appearance. The past few weekends have been great, only because graduation has made all of us more aware of the final few moments we have together and we all seem to be going out and catching up.

Since I am being sentimental, and I want all of you to be sentimental with me, I thought I would share my playlist for the next few weeks with you. I haven’t included some of the more typical songs (vitamin c) and instead stuck with the ones that mean the most to me for this time in my life. If you have something you think I should add- I love recommendations so let me know!

Good Life:: One Republic
Find Your Wings:: Mark Harris
Break Me Out 2.0:: The Rescues
Life is Beautiful:: Vega4
In This Life:: Delta Goodrem
Pictures of You:: The Last Goodnight
On Top of the World:: Boys Like Girls
Defying Gravity:: Kristin Chenoweth
Best Days:: Graham Colton
I Got A Feeling:: The Black Eyed Peas
Hello To Goodbye:: Mark Harris
Life’s A Dance:: John Michael Montgomery
Live Like Your Dying:: Lenka
Breakaway:: Kelly Clarkson
Better Days:: Goo Goo Dolls


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