Music Monday’s:: Kings of Leon

Many of you may recognize Kings of Leon from Use Somebody and Sex on Fire. These songs have been immensely popular lately on the radio. However, they have many more songs that deserve recognition as well. Which is why I decided to talk about them today.

Their latest album is Only by the Night:

Sex on Fire
Use Somebody
I Want you
Be Somebody
Cold Desert

Make a point of listening to Revelry and Notion. In my opinion they are far better than Sex on Fire and Use Somebody.

While many only know the songs from their latest album, they also have several others albums, my favorite being Aha Shake Heartbreak.

Slow Night, So Long
King of the Rodeo
Taper Jean Girl
Pistol of Fire
The Bucket
Day Old Blues
Four Kicks
Velvet Snow

In regards to this album, I love Taper Jean Girl, The Bucket, Pistol of Fire, and Slow Night, So Long.

Check out the rest of their music, there is so much more out there than what they play on the radio, and it is exceptional!


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