Music Monday: Amos Lee

Amos Lee’s music is listed as anything from folk, soul to pop. The first song I stumbled across was Colors. Slow soulful song, which then caused me to look into the rest of his music which is just as good.

His self titled album, Amos Lee:

Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight

Seen it all Before

Arms of a Woman

Give it Up


Soul Suckers


Bottom of the Barrel

Black River

Love in the Lies

All My Friends

Out of these, I absolutely love Colors and Arms of a Woman. But then I can’t help but recommend Black River, and Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight.

His next album was Supply and Demand:

Which brings us Southern Girl… and how could I not love that song?

Finally, his newest album Last Days at the Lodge:


Won’t Let me Go

Baby I Want You


Whats Been Going On

Street Corner Preacher

It Started to Rain

Jails & Bombs


Ease Back

Better Days

I can’t say enough about What’s Been Going On. Such a great song. But Won’t Let me Go, and Baby I Want You are even more reasons to listen to this unique voice.


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