It seems to be the driving force in my life this week. I typically am a person that has high expectations for myself as well as others. I should mention here, that not all of them are reasonable. I try to recognize this as much as possible, and maintain control over my expectations.

Sometimes I slip.

Sometimes the expectation is reasonable, but it still ends in disappointment.

These are the moments I hate the most. And unfortunately, these are the moments that have filled my week.

It is so frustrating when expectations are not met. Especially when you have lowered the expectations in the first place! You think that surely it is a reasonable expectation, yet you find out that apparently it wasn’t!

It makes you wonder if your standards are still too high, or if other’s standards just aren’t high enough. Where exactly is the middle ground, and at what point do you draw the line and say something simply is not acceptable?


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