My Wheelbarrow

Or maybe I should say my dump truck… Because I feel like I own one.

Lately things have been busy. Busy. Busy. I am having a hard time keeping up with everything, and I have been staring at the computer screen for so long that my eye permanently twitches now.

Not good.

On to my wheelbarrow. Everyone has ‘stuff’ that they carry around with them, things that have to get done, etc. These things can be tangible, but more often than not it’s the intangible things that weigh the most.

I am sure you remember my list from a few posts ago. Well I am glad to say that some things have been marked off. But, I honestly think I have added more than I have removed by the time you sort it all out.

So here is an update on what I am carrying around in my wheelbarrow:

2 graduate classes
1 final exam
2 book reviews
6 U.S. History High School classes
1 job contract
2 transcript requests
1 set of apartment keys to return
tons of school supplies to buy
1 classroom to move into
2 paper boxes of classroom books
bank accounts to open
in service trainings
job orientation

One thing you may notice from above- I GOT THE TEACHING JOB!! Signed the contract two days ago, and will be an 11th grade U.S. History teacher at a local high school. One of the best things so far, I have seen the room and it is completely new, and it even has windows! (You will only understand the window thing if you have been a teacher. There is no rule that every room has a window. So it becomes quite the commodity!)

The small downside to the new job- it added a TON of things to my wheelbarrow. Which was already hard to push around. But, if I can get through August 2nd, a good chunk of stuff will be done, and I hope to be carrying a lighter load!

So, if you hear from me before August 2nd, things are going well. If not- see you after I empty my wheelbarrow.


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