It seems to be the driving force in my life this week. I typically am a person that has high expectations for myself as well as others. I should mention here, that not all of them are reasonable. I try to recognize this as much as possible, and maintain control over my expectations.

Sometimes I slip.

Sometimes the expectation is reasonable, but it still ends in disappointment.

These are the moments I hate the most. And unfortunately, these are the moments that have filled my week.

It is so frustrating when expectations are not met. Especially when you have lowered the expectations in the first place! You think that surely it is a reasonable expectation, yet you find out that apparently it wasn’t!

It makes you wonder if your standards are still too high, or if other’s standards just aren’t high enough. Where exactly is the middle ground, and at what point do you draw the line and say something simply is not acceptable?


Music Monday:: MuteMath

Over the past year I have slowly come to appreciate and love MuteMath. It was always one of those bands that was recommended to me but I could never manage to become interested in. I wish I could say there was a particular song that instigated this change of mind, but there isn’t.

Their first album, MuteMath has one of my all time favorites:: Typical

1 Collapse
2 Typical
3 After We Have Left Our Homes
4 Chaos
5 Noticed
6 Plan B
7 Stare At The Sun
8 Obsolete
9 Break The Same
10 You Are Mine
11 Control
12 Picture
13 Stall Out
14 Reset

Their music has a very original sound, and their videos have a very original look::

Their second full album was just recently released, Armistice.

1 The Nerve
2 Backfire
3 Clipping
4 Spotlight
5 No Response
6 Pins and Needles
7 Goodbye
8 Odds
9 Electrify
10 Armistice
11 Lost Year
12 Burden
13 Architecture

My favorite tracks from this album are Electrify, Spotlight, and Odds.

Many may recognize MuteMath from their song Spotlight which is in the very popular movie Twilight.

A little known fact about MuteMath, and something that sets them apart from other bands is their use of a Fender Rhodes Mark I piano. Lends a different sound to the music.

Their Website::


Still Here.

I know it has been quiet around here lately, however, it is because lots of things are going on over here!

I have been home for about a week and a half, relaxing a bit before going back to school to start my graduate work. And I should mention that relaxing is a relative term. Since there are no classes, no homework, and no work things have been relatively calmer and I have found myself with the time to do things I enjoy. Like reading a book for the fun of it and not for class, or working on a sewing project that doesn’t have to immediately go into the mail.

While I am enjoying this more relaxed time, I do have a list of things I need to get done. I have my best friend’s wedding coming up so of course there is the lingerie shower, and the luncheon, along with the bachelorette party, and the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, all coming up before the wedding. And believe me, I can’t wait!

I also have a project I am working on, and hopefully will be able to share it with you in the coming weeks. All I can say right now about it is that I am excited to see the outcome!

In other news, my diploma came in the mail yesterday!! Up until then graduation has seemed surreal. After all, I go back to school in a few weeks so it doesn’t seem like I have accomplished anything. But that sheet of paper proves otherwise! It is currently hanging on the wall in a temporary frame until I can purchase the official one.

On Friday we had a great deal of fun over here. For my mom’s Mother’s Day gift we got tickets for the Al Green concert at the Hard Rock Live. The show was Friday night and my mom, brother, his girlfriend, and myself spent the night enjoying some good music, good food, and good company. (Sadly I don’t have any pictures of the night. They said that cameras would not be allowed in, however, when I got there it became quite clear I could have walked in with my DSLR thrown over my shoulder and they wouldn’t have said a thing. Frustrating to say the least.)

To cap off my weekend I spent yesterday at a birthday party for a very special little girl. A good friend of mine’s little girl turns 4 this month and we celebrated big yesterday with games a pizza. She loves to read so, with me being an avid reader myself I fueled the fire by giving her books! I like to pass my addictions on to others, especially one’s such as reading. And the day ended perfectly with one of those sweet hugs that only a child can give.

Hopefully over the next few weeks I will manage to update more frequently. As I mentioned above, there will be plenty to talk about!

Hoping everyone has a sunny Sunday,

The Southern Belle

Music Monday: Deas Vail

I stumbled upon this group not too long ago and fell in love.

The first song I heard was Birds and I cannot say enough about the music or the lyrics. It is from this album, their most recent:

Some of my favorites: The Things you Were, Excuses, and of course, Birds.

They also have another album before this one:

While I haven’t listened to much from this album, I love Shoreline, Standing…, and Rewind.

Their music is great, go listen to Birds!!!

Hello to Goodbye

It is official.

I am a college graduate as of today!

After four years of hard work, my last final was yesterday and the final grades are now in! While I am not saying goodbye to college just yet, I am certainly starting a new chapter, one filled with drastically different goals, and with any luck, far less stress.

As each grade rolled in I felt an immense relief wash over me… especially when my spanish grades came in. (Spanish is just not my thing.)

But they are in, and all is good! Within a matter of days I will have the paper to prove it. But as of now, I can officially tack on B.A. to the end of my name.

**Pic is not my own… but it is amazing!**

Music Monday: Amos Lee

Amos Lee’s music is listed as anything from folk, soul to pop. The first song I stumbled across was Colors. Slow soulful song, which then caused me to look into the rest of his music which is just as good.

His self titled album, Amos Lee:

Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight

Seen it all Before

Arms of a Woman

Give it Up


Soul Suckers


Bottom of the Barrel

Black River

Love in the Lies

All My Friends

Out of these, I absolutely love Colors and Arms of a Woman. But then I can’t help but recommend Black River, and Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight.

His next album was Supply and Demand:

Which brings us Southern Girl… and how could I not love that song?

Finally, his newest album Last Days at the Lodge:


Won’t Let me Go

Baby I Want You


Whats Been Going On

Street Corner Preacher

It Started to Rain

Jails & Bombs


Ease Back

Better Days

I can’t say enough about What’s Been Going On. Such a great song. But Won’t Let me Go, and Baby I Want You are even more reasons to listen to this unique voice.


Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about a trip I made two years ago. It was about this time of year, and I know that every year at the end of April, early May I will think back on an event that changed everything.

The day was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining brightly, the wind was blowing and the temperature was perfect, not like the past few days which had been filled with a suffocating humidity.  I was just walking out of my last class of the day, quickly saying goodbye to friends before heading home. As I walked down the tree-shaded sidewalk I pulled out my phone and realized I had a missed call. It was my mom and I quickly dialed her back, planning to tell her about the class I just left.

I could have never expected how altering that phone call would be. And to this day as I walk down that sidewalk I can’t help but think of that sunny April day. You see, when my mom picked up the phone, she had that strained voice. The one where you know something horrible has happened. She quickly told me that my friend’s mother had passed away a few hours ago.

My heart suddenly seemed to be gone. This was completely unexpected. She had been sick, but over the past few days everything seemed to be fine. What was worse, is that my friend didn’t know yet. Her father was on the way to tell her.

I have never felt so sick in my life, and I instantly questioned God. How could he do this?

I turned around to find my friends, who were amazing the whole night. They went back to the apartment with me, where we waited, and prayed desperately. I saw a different side of all of them that night, a side that cared for a girl and a family they had never met. A side of them that cried with me and understood the moments when no words would suffice.

I remember the most heartbreaking phone call with my friend. I remember the tears. I remember the questions. I remember packing my backs and emailing my professors letting them know I would be gone till finals. I remember lying in bed, trying to sleep before driving home to be there when my friend arrived home from school.

I drove home the next morning. I don’t remember much of the trip. I do know that it was an act of God that I didn’t get a ticket. I got to my friend’s house a few minutes before she did.

I remember the hug, I remember the tears, and I remember the silence.

Friend, there was nothing I could say then, and there is nothing I can say now. I cannot possibly understand, and while it has been two years, I know that doesn’t lessen your feelings. Always remember that I am here whenever you need, with hugs, tears, and silence.