Periodic Table Quilt

A while ago a good friend came to me wanting a quilt made for her husband-to-be. Science is his thing, especially chemicals. So, it seemed appropriate to make a quilt that represented this. Which is where the idea came from for this Periodic Table Quilt. I was thrilled that she called me up to create this quilt, and a bonus was how much he loved it. And all his friends did too.

So now for the quilt:

The couple absolutely loved it:

And a few close-ups:

Then he decided to tell me what each element was… By then, I already knew most of them.


Measures aprox. 78″ x 88″ (fits on a full size bed)
Periodic Table consists of colored blocks, and is surrounded by Kona in Coal. The backing as well as the binding are Kona coal as well.
The stitching is a meandering pattern, also done in gray.

I must admit that this quilt is in my top 3 favorites. I loved making it, and wouldn’t mind making another if anyone is interested!


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