Music Monday:: V.V. Brown

I honestly don’t remember how I stumbled upon this artist, all I know is that I am glad I did. V.V. Brown has been immensely popular in England for some time now, but only recently has her music made it over the pond to the U.S.

From what I can tell, she only has one album released (at least in the U.S.) aside from a few EPs.

Traveling Like the Light has several really great songs, the most notable in my opinion is Back in Time. I love the beat.

1 Quick Fix
2 Game Over
3 Shark in the Water
4 Leave!
5 Bottles
6 Crying Blood
7 Back in Time
8 I Love You
9 L.O.V.E.
10 Everybody
11 Crazy Amazing
12 Traveling Like the Light

I also highly recommend Shark in the Water, L.O.V.E, and Leave!

Keep an eye out for V.V. Brown, I am sure there will be more good work coming from her soon!

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