Music Monday:: V.V. Brown

I honestly don’t remember how I stumbled upon this artist, all I know is that I am glad I did. V.V. Brown has been immensely popular in England for some time now, but only recently has her music made it over the pond to the U.S.

From what I can tell, she only has one album released (at least in the U.S.) aside from a few EPs.

Traveling Like the Light has several really great songs, the most notable in my opinion is Back in Time. I love the beat.

1 Quick Fix
2 Game Over
3 Shark in the Water
4 Leave!
5 Bottles
6 Crying Blood
7 Back in Time
8 I Love You
9 L.O.V.E.
10 Everybody
11 Crazy Amazing
12 Traveling Like the Light

I also highly recommend Shark in the Water, L.O.V.E, and Leave!

Keep an eye out for V.V. Brown, I am sure there will be more good work coming from her soon!

Artist Website::


Music Monday:: MuteMath

Over the past year I have slowly come to appreciate and love MuteMath. It was always one of those bands that was recommended to me but I could never manage to become interested in. I wish I could say there was a particular song that instigated this change of mind, but there isn’t.

Their first album, MuteMath has one of my all time favorites:: Typical

1 Collapse
2 Typical
3 After We Have Left Our Homes
4 Chaos
5 Noticed
6 Plan B
7 Stare At The Sun
8 Obsolete
9 Break The Same
10 You Are Mine
11 Control
12 Picture
13 Stall Out
14 Reset

Their music has a very original sound, and their videos have a very original look::

Their second full album was just recently released, Armistice.

1 The Nerve
2 Backfire
3 Clipping
4 Spotlight
5 No Response
6 Pins and Needles
7 Goodbye
8 Odds
9 Electrify
10 Armistice
11 Lost Year
12 Burden
13 Architecture

My favorite tracks from this album are Electrify, Spotlight, and Odds.

Many may recognize MuteMath from their song Spotlight which is in the very popular movie Twilight.

A little known fact about MuteMath, and something that sets them apart from other bands is their use of a Fender Rhodes Mark I piano. Lends a different sound to the music.

Their Website::