Periodic Table Quilt

There is a new quilt over in the sewing section! It’s really awesome, so go check it out!

Periodic Table Quilt

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Valentine’s Weekend

So this weekend I had very little planned. Most of the stuff that absolutely had to be done, was finished Friday afternoon, which meant I had two days to relax and do what I wanted with.

My first inclination- sewing! But sadly, I can’t share the projects I was working on with you all yet. Until they are finished you won’t be able to truly appreciate them. However, I did get a great deal done with them.

In other news, Saturday I was surprised by a visitor! The flower delivery man left these for me:

My mom, dad and Adam sent them. And they are absolutely beautiful.

In other news, I go later this afternoon to look at an apartment. So far it seems too good to be true. But I need someplace to live next year; someplace very different than where I am now. Cross your fingers for good news!

Accomplishing it All

Tonight I watched Julie and Julia. And first I must say that Meryl Streep has always been a favorite, however, in this movie she has outdone herself. It was superb acting, and I now feel that I must rent and watch every movie she has ever been in. I am dreaming if I think I have that kind of time.

The movie, struck a chord though. How do we manage to accomplish it all? School, work, graduate school applications, apartment searching, grant applications… and the list goes on. It seems that there never exists enough time in the day to cross everything off the list. And while I can certainly have high ambitions of accomplishing it all, there is a point where I must acknowledge that it is more of a pipe dream.

Currently I am halfway through my Christmas break, and absolutely dread the upcoming semester. Mainly because the great ‘to-do’ list has one too many things that have not been marked off. And each and every morning they glare at me, tauntingly, whispering “you will never get it all done.” 

I had hoped to read more, sew more, sleep more. And while some is being accomplished, I feel as though it is all happening at a sluggish pace, and I wonder what I could possibly do to speed myself up.

So I wonder, is it actually possible to accomplish it all? Amy Adams character in the movie illustrates this perfectly. Where is the time to have a job, and family; as well as the time to cook and blog?

I believe the answer lies in determination. And if I can be determined in other areas of my life then why can’t I in this part? So here is to accomplishing it all- because I am determined to believe that it can be done.

I have finished the semester with my head above water, the GRE has been taken, and graduate school applications sent. Now maybe I will be able to find some time to relax, and accomplish the list of things that greet me every morning.

Currently there is a stack of fabric waiting to be turned into quilts (hopefully featured on here soon!), books to be read, and preparation for the new semester, and a summer wedding all to be done.

New Quilt & GIVEAWAY!

So, to take a break this weekend from writing papers, I finally finished the quilt I started back in August. Shh… don’t tell!

It started here::

Then I had to order fabric for the back, sashing, and trim… Which stopped things for a while…

But this weekend, all the fabric transformed into this!!

This is a twin size, and I don’t know if I will be parting ways with it.

I haven’t come up with a name yet, so if you have suggestions, put them in comments! 

I will have a gift for the person who lists the name I choose. Entries taken through Saturday at 10pm. Winner announced Sunday!!



Spring Break 2007 017

This past Sunday was my grandmother’s birthday and I have been thinking about her ever since.

Over the past few years Alzheimer’s has taken a great deal of her away from us. While these pieces of her seem to be lost at times- I find myself realizing that these pieces are still here, just in a different way.

I find her when I am sewing; and crocheting. I remember all the moments when we sat together working on projects together and she comes back.

These of course are moments when I know I will remember her. There are also times when she sneaks up on me-

Like when I am fidgeting with my hands because I am nervous. Or when I throw a bag of Reese’s in the fridge. Even the smell of library books, and the way I curl up in a chair.

In these moments memories of long lost summers flood my mind. Times when I would spend a week with her, just the two of us. Our trips to the church library, and the promise that there would always be a drawer of cold candy in the fridge.

So while she is no longer the person I remember, I do  still have these pieces of her in me. And they will last me a lifetime.

What Not To Do

There is a reason daydreaming and sewing don’t mix. You should just  avoid it all together.


Done sewing it together- now lets look how pretty it is! Oh wait….


Anyone see a problem?


Okay… look again…


See- wrong sides!!

So I pull out my seam ripper- which is only used for operator errors, and pull out the seam.


Now it’s fixed!

I am just glad I wasn’t done with the whole thing before I noticed. Lesson learned- stop daydreaming while sewing!