Loreal:: Everpure Haircare

I find it unbelievably difficult to find hair care products that work. To begin with, the water here is miserable, and never really seems to get your hair clean. If you combine with that a hair care product that strips down your hair, or adds too much oil- then your problem only gets bigger. Which is exactly the situation I was in.

You see, I have looong thick hair, that can get frizzy on me. It really wants to curl, but all it can muster is a horribly loose wave.

I am never able to air dry and be done.

So I usually look for a moisturizer, that won’t leave my hair feeling thick and nasty.

On top of that, I really do hate all the chemicals that come in shampoos and conditioners. I am not a huge ‘no sulfates!!’ person, but I can see where they are probably not good for your hair.

So when I saw this product come out I knew I had to try it. And I must say it is amazing! The shampoo lathers up like I have never seen before, and the conditioner has really great coverage. My hair is so long that I would normally end up going through 2 bottles of conditioner for every 1 shampoo, just to get coverage!

It doesn’t leave you feeling weighted down, or nasty. What it does leave behind is a brilliant shine! And they smell amazing! A mix of rosemary, juniper, and mint.

Make sure you use it for a couple of days to see full effects.

This is the whole line::

Everpure all

These are the products I use::


And no, for the record I do not color my hair… This wonderful rich brown with undertones of deep red is all mine. Just like Lucille Ball’s red was completely natural.


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